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"I would highly recommend Sam to anyone.. As a therapist, I found her to be excellent in all aspects of the therapy process."

Deaf Client

"I felt safe to explore my issues...I was little apprehensive about having remote counselling sessions owing to the pandemic, however Sam quickly made me feel safe and able to explore my thoughts and feelings. Often these issues were raw and painful yet I always felt safe, thanks to Sam's compassionate approach and creating a safe space for me in our sessions.... The sessions have greatly reduce my anxiety, improved my psychological well-being also resilience. I tremendously value my sessions with Sam and without these sessions and a safe space to freely express my anxieties, despair and issue, I would still be greatly struggling to cope"

"Sam is incredibly warm, embracing and welcoming. She put my mind at complete ease within the first appointment and has provided a very safe space for me to explore my feelings and life experiences. It's clear that she has years of experience in the mental health sector and she has a vast knowledge of mental health resources to support her clients during the time between sessions.
Her voice is the reassuring hug I look forward to each week"

"I feel that I have come on leaps and bounds in managing my anxiety and have some excellent coping mechanisms now in place"

"Sam is such a great therapist.  She is warm and friendly and has helped me to connect to painful stuff in such a gentle and compassionate way."

"I can't believe how much I have improved over the sessions I have had with Sam.  I didn't expect to improve as much as I have done and I can firmly lay this down to Sam and my sessions with her.  The mix of techniques Sam uses are complimentary and her approach is excellent. Highly recommended."

"I feel completely safe and able to explore whatever I need to during my sessions with Sam."

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