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I work with adults on a one to one basis, in person and via skype/FaceTime/Teams. I am guided by the client in terms of the direction they wish to go and the issues they would like to explore. I offer warmth and empathy to clients in my integrative, non judgemental approach. I specialise in the following areas:


Anxiety is our body's response to feeling threatened. It prepares us to take action by triggering our 'fight or flight' mechanism. However, because of the pressured way in which we live our lives, anxiety often appears as a result of perceived, rather than actual threat, leaving us with no clear way to resolve or act upon it. Sam's counselling approach can help you to recognise and explore your anxiety triggers, patterned thoughts and behaviours and the impact on your body and find ways to reduce and manage your anxiety, creating a sense of calm and safety.


Many aspects of our life experience, relationships and life situations can lead us to feeling unsure of ourselves, unworthy, or simply not good enough. The counselling process can help you to discover patterns of thinking, identify unhelpful underlying beliefs and learn to connect with a more positive self, embracing who you are with empathy and kindness in order to rediscover a more positive sense of self worth and value.


Stress can be helpful in driving us to achieve our tasks and goals, however too much stress, particularly if it is ongoing, can be very detrimental to our health and wellbeing.  The counselling process can help you to explore how and where stress manifests itself in your life, discover ways in which you are able to minimise it and find different responses to the thoughts, emotions and behaviour that accompany or lead to it.


Depression can leave us feeling alone, misunderstood or unaccepted.  It can feel relentless, like it will never end. The therapeutic process can help you to gain further understanding of your feelings of depression, and those underlying it, bringing new meaning to these feelings,  guiding you on your pathway towards a positive outlook on life.


I also offer individual Wellbeing Sessions for clients who would like to practice relaxation and calming techniques in order to reduce the stress and anxiety in their lives.  Techniques include calming breathwork, guided meditation, relaxing visualisations and mindfulness and somatic connection.

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