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Hypnotherapeutic Techniques

I am a qualified Hypnotherapist and sometimes use hypnotherapeutic techniques as part of the counselling process when my clients require and desire this input. Hypnosis is used to alter a person's state of consciousness, so that they are able to access the subconscious mind. I gently induce clients' into a relaxed state (sometimes known as a trance-like state) and their attention becomes more focussed and able to to take on positive suggestions in connection to the issues they are working on.

The hypnotic or trance state is an entirely natural state, which is emphasised by the fact that throughout daily life, we regularly enter various degrees of trance.  Whenever we go into 'automatic pilot' we are often completing task whilst focussing our mind on an alternative internal thought process. How many times have you arrived somewhere in the car and have no recollection of the route you have come? When we daydream, our awareness of what is happening around us is decreased as we become focussed on an internal event.  Hypnosis has often been likened to a sleep like state, as subjects experience an altered state of consciousness, however, despite being deeply relaxed with closed eyes, unlike being asleep, people under hypnosis are conscious and fully aware of their surroundings.

Hypnotherapy can be incredibly helpful in getting to the root of troubling issues, tackling ingrained thought processes and behaviour and dispelling underlying unhelpful beliefs in order for new insight and positive change to develop and thrive.

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